Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Question for Visitors

So I visit a lot of different websites and blogs. A few years ago I even ran a few yahoo groups that featured transgender (TG) captions. Today, almost every caption site I know of focuses on TG captions, and many of these sites are very good. I intend to keep a short list of some of my favorite caption blogs on the sidebar here.

My question for you is: Do you know of any non-TG blogs that feature caps like mine here? Specifically, captions that focus on genetic women being forcibly degenerated either through revenge or by simple accident. TG blogs seem to dominate and I've had a real bother finding non-TG captions that fit my tastes. I've ran across a few decent mind-control sites and a few Bimbofication-themed caption sites, but those are pretty rare, and most don't really have captions like my own. Just a plain, old-fashioned revenge fantasy. There are lots of sites that feature stories along this vein, but so few caption sites.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone who managed to find themselves here, had also managed to find other interesting sites.

- B-Rex


  1. yeah I agree your pretty rare all around the only other tf caps blogs I know of are adult baby play were there are both women and men turned into adult babys and a few people to inanimate objects your from what I know are pretty unique

    1. Drat! I had my hopes up that somewhere out there, there was a repository of captions I had somehow missed. Oh well.

      I did just come across this today:

      It is 3d-art comic called Office Mascot, by Avaro56. It features a woman purposely turning herself into an office bimbo, complete with piercings, tattoos (some unwanted), and several breast implant surgeries! Definitely my sort of thing. Best of all, it is around 100 pages long! :)

  2. I sure hope you get some more responses here -- I would like to see the sites you're looking for also.

  3. I think you might like my yahoo group.


  4. Replies
    1. I like your caps quite a bit, actually! I have a fetish for forced lesbianism, which many of your caps really hit.

      I've actually been following your captions on your imagefap account under Kimfos1977. I was a member of the kimscaptionstories1 yahoo group as well until is disappeared anyway. I had no idea that you had another group on yahoo, so thinks for the link. :)

      I remember a series of captions you did some years ago (at least I think it was you) on one of the bimboslut yahoo groups, that featured the porn actress Carly Parker, as a CEO turned office slut. She was forced to get implants and become a secretary at her company, if I remember correctly, and was nicknamed Fuck Pig. I liked it enough to save it on my hdrive. It's still around somewhere.

      Thanks again for the link!

      - B-Rex

  5. You're welcome. Glad you liked it. I recall the series you mention; I think it's still on one of the yahoo sites.

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