Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who Let The PAWG Out?

Happy Sunday! A new caption for you all to enjoy, about a heiress and her hind-end.

I've uploaded two versions of this cap, to see which looks better. The Top version is about 1.5 MB and the bottom about 0.5MB.

The Cap text is after the break.

Who Let The PAWG Out?
by B-Rex

Barbara Backhaus walked unsteadily down the halls of her massive mansion, her long red dress nearly sweeping the floor. The 24 year old heiress met three of her family's maids; she could have sworn they were whispering to each other after she passed. Normally, she'd have fired them for any hint of disrespect but she didn't dare make a scene with them today, who knew what nasty rumors they'd leak to the press in retaliation. Today had to go perfectly or else. Still, she gave the girls a nasty glare.

As she reached the main staircase, she stopped, and pretended to examine one of the mansion's large artworks. Really, she was just tired. Walking was a real chore since her accident. Barbara let her arms hand down by her sides. She desperately tried to ignore the still strange sensation of touching her hips, even though her hands were far from where her hips should have been.

A little over a year earlier, Barbara was a media darling; a frequent guest on morning talk shows, gracing numerous magazine covers, and the gossip rags couldn't stop talking about her. She was celebrity princess and she lived for the attention. She was in the process of launching her own line of clothing when she failed to stop at a red light, and pulled out into oncoming traffic. The resulting accident crushed her lower body, utterly destroying her hips. The surgeons managed to save her life, but doubted she would ever be able to walk again.

Barbara refused to believe their dire diagnosis, and demanded that something be done to repair her hips. After much arguing with the hospital staff, an extremely expensive specialist was brought in. But even he felt her hips were beyond saving. Instead, he proposed a full pelvic transplant. She agreed to the surgeon's recommendation, and a lengthy search began for a suitable hipbone.

She could vividly remember every moment of her recovery. The surgeons had tried to find a replacement pelvis for her, but her rare blood type made that unusually difficult. Luckily, for her at least, a young woman had died a few hours earlier in a local hospital and she was a suitable donor for Barbara. Unfortunately, the black woman's hips were unusually large, and would be even more so for the blonde heiress, who was considerably shorter then the donor. When Barbara awoke from the transplant surgery, she received the shock of her life! Her new rump was an astonishing 56 inches around! A truly far cry from her original 36 inch hip measurements.

Rested, she turned and walked down the stairs carefully. Thanks to her new hips, her legs had had to be reset at an odd angle, forcing her to swing her buttocks to and fro and step heel to toe just to maintain her balance. The effect was that she could only walk by shaking her derriere in massive figure eights, a motion that drew even more attention to her unique condition. She reached the bottom of the stairs, and stood motionless just beyond the door to the rec room.

Today was a new beginning for her celebrity persona. After a year of recovery, she was finally returning to the public life. Her publicity agent had booked her for an interview with a live morning chat show, to take place in a few minutes in her mansion's massive rec room. Suddenly she heard her queue to enter.

“Okay, Barb, you can do this,” whispered the blonde heiress to herself. She took a deep breath and stepped forward. Every camera was turned to her. Suddenly, she stopped in the doorway.

Oh no, I'm stuck!


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