Monday, July 9, 2012

The Other Woman

Another bondage cap! With a dash of long-term confinement.

Edit: For those who are having trouble reading the caption, here is the text itself:

The Other Woman

“Ugh, no, no!”Angela thrashed her head about, trying to keep the ball gag out of her mouth.

“Struggle all you like, my dear little whore, it'll go in there eventually.”

Angela clamped her mouth shut like a vice, refusing to submit to the other woman. The other woman just smiled coldly, stuck her finger in her own mouth and then without a moment's hesitation, drove the wet finger up to the knuckle in Angela's asshole!

“Ahhhghghhh! Ngggg! Geddedoud!”

“See, that wasn't so difficult was it?” said the other woman, still sliding her finger in and out of Angela.

After a few minutes of watching the blonde woman squirm ineffectually, the other woman finally stood up and walked to the door. “She's ready boys!” The door opened, and several masked men entered.

“First strip her naked, then put her in the box, if you please boys.” Angela fought as best she could, but the men easily lifted her bound form and plopped her down into the refrigerator-sized metal box that sat next to the door. She tried to get back out, but with her wrists and ankles locked together she could only just lift her head out of the box. The other woman beckoned the men to leave for a moment and then peered down at the helpless blonde.

“Well, Angela dear, I'm afraid this is the end for you.” She laughed at the look of sudden terror in the girl's eyes. “No my dear, I'm not going to kill you. But you might wish I had.”

Angela watched the other woman go to the minibar and pour herself a drink. “I admit, when I first discovered you trying to steal my husband away, watched your pathetic attempts to seduce him in his office, I did briefly consider killing you.” She sipped her drink.

“But then I reconsidered. Police might get involved, and murders are always so messy anyway. I decided on a different....fate for you.” The other woman sat down in the chair next to the bed. “I paid a few of the other girls in the secretary pool to feed you rumors of my husband's interests, in bondage and other things. All true by the way. As I expected, you took the bait easily. All I had to do then was watch and wait. I watch you wear metal bracelets on your wrists, your little attempt to hint that you shared his little fetish. Then came the metal necklace, almost a collar. And then, last week, you finally made your little play. Yes, I heard your little story of a boyfriend, with a thing for tying up girls and your sudden awakening to the joys of bondage. I've had my husband's car and office bugged for years. You aren't the first little slut to try and steal him from me.” She gulped down the rest of her drink.

“I expect even a dumb bimbo like you can figure out the rest. That little note on your keyboard was from me, not my husband. And like a little slut, you just ran over here and did everything my little note told you to do.” She looked at the box, that had been filled with locking metal bondage cuffs. “It was really nice of you to lock your hands and ankles for me. It made everything much simpler. I saved the gag for me, though. I deserve a little fun too.” The other woman walked back to the box.

“Now, I'm sure you want to know why you are in that box. Well, for starters, I want you to know that those locked cuffs are on digital timers. The strap lock on that gag too. In about two hours, they will unlock. But by then the box itself will be locked. And it won't unlock for two months.” A look of sheer terror shot across Angela's face again. The other woman laughed. “Let me finish. I said I wasn't going to kill you. Look around you. That little metal cock in floor there will give you water if you suck on it. The valve is a little sticky, so you'll have to suck very hard. The water is stored in a tank under the floor of the box. It holds more than 50 gallons, enough for at least two months. At least it will. We still need to move the box, so we'll fill it up later.”

She lifted a bag from under the bed, and dumped its contents out around Angela. “And this is two months supply of food. They have pull tabs, so don't worry about starving in there.” Angela looked at the cans of refried bean paste and cheap cat food. She glared up at the woman. “Don't give me that look just yet, my dear, you haven't even seen the best part yet.”

She lifted another, much larger bag and dumped it in. “Sixty adult diapers! If you just use one a day, you'll be fine.” Angela shoved herself out of the pile of sealed diapers. “I imagine after a few weeks it will get a bit cramped in there. I'm sure the smell will be just terrible, but I'm sure a little whore like you is used to such things.”

“There is just one last thing. Once this lid is shut, the locks kick on automatically. The only air supply comes through that little hole there,” the other woman pointed out a small hole in the wall. “I wanted to make sure you got a little exercise during your little trip and I figured you'd want some light too.” She pointed to two large metal phallus's sticking out from the walls, as well as a small LED light bulb near the lid. “All you have to do is pump those cocks with your hands. They work as little pistons. Just slide your hand back and forth along them, and they will pump in air through that little hole, and provide a little charge to power that little light. See, I've thought of everything. You've got food, water, air, sanitation, even light and exercise. And if you get really bored, those cocks are always available.”

The men returned just then. The other woman turned to them and said, “Good, bring the dolly from the truck, we'll need to move the box in just a minute.”

She looked down at miserable Angela. “Before we lock you in there, do you have any last questions?”

“Wurr ahmn ah goiiingh?!”

The other woman laughed. “I'm shipping you overseas, by cargo ship. In about sixty days this box will unlock, and you'll be on the doorstep of a little whore house. In Thailand. Enjoy your little trip.” She slammed the metal lid down.


  1. Is there some way I can see this in a larger format, so the lettering would be easier to read?

  2. Thank you for your responses, I was beginning to worry that the comment function wasn't working. :)

    As to the picture format, if you are on a pc you can right click the image and tell it to open in a new tab or browser window. That will give you a larger picture to work with. If that is still too small you can use the zoom function of your browser to increase the size somewhat, usually by pressing Ctrl++.

    Otherwise, wait until I can manage to upload the image to either my imagefap site or onto She'll Become What She Hates 3 on Yahoo groups. Right now, Blogger seems to minimize my images by about 30% when I upload them, but I can't figure out why. Still, I will keep trying. Let me know if you still have trouble on this or another caption.

    For now, I will just edit the post and add the picture text to the description for you to read directly.

    Thanks again for commenting,

    - B-Rex

  3. Thanks, your attached text helps a lot.


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