Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Update, a few links, and a new caption!

Hello all! My hand is still a bit sore, but is much better now. Thanks to all who have expressed their well-wishes.

Now, I have a few things I need to mention, after the break. Plus there is a new caption!

Firstly, Britney Shagwell (aka Steffimariechen) has returned to captioning, and I just wanted to mention that in case any of you hadn't noticed. Links to her blogs are on the left side panel. Steffi/Britney has always been one of my favorite captioneers and I'm ecstatic that she's resumed captioning!

Secondly, KS_1985 has renamed his yahoo group, due to confusion over the site's basic theme, and is now called Mad_Digital_Surgeries. I've posted a few raw morphed images there before, and might do so again in the near future. I've got a few breast enlargement and lip engorgement pics that I'm happy with.

Thirdly, Becky, another of my old favorite TG captionmakers has returned from apparent retirement, to start a new tumblr group, Forced Femme Fantasies. A lot of her older caps have been uploaded already and at least one new caption has been added. These captions helped to inspire much of my own modern view on captioning, in that these caps are almost always non-consensual, often involve some form of age-regression or mind control, and are always non-magical in nature. Some even involve forced breast enlargement surgery and other body modifications. One of my old favorites is the Cow Series, which some of you might also enjoy.

And Fourthly, Alec Leamus has started a new blog to replace his old site, The Magic Boxxx. The new blog is called Beyond The Magic Box, and will showcase Age Regression stories and content, including a large gallery collected from various media sources. Many of these stories are quite fun, if you are into this genre and are usually much like my own, in that they are about situational age regression rather than physical regression. Young women typically find themselves in humiliating situations wherein they are mistaken for younger girls. Role reversal, public humilation, spanking, and reduced status are all common themes. If you have enjoyed my AR caps and stories, you'll probably like this blog.


I hope you all enjoy these links and frequent them, I know I will. As for my own captioning, I have finished several morphs for future captions and have started work on two more Vera Purdee stories.

It takes a lot of time to make new cap series and to write these stories, so I'd appreciate it if some of you would tell me which you would prefer so that I can prioritize my time. If you enjoyed my first Vera Purdee story, I think you'll like my next one. They all pretty much feature some form of long-term bondage or public humiliation. So let me know which you prefer, and I'll try to give you all what you want.

Thanks again, everyone, for all the comments and well-wishes! I've added a very quickly made caption for you all to enjoy. It's a Vera Purdee caption, in fact. Hope you all like it! :-)

- B-Rex

I can't decide whether I want Vera Purdee to be a blonde or not. I liked this pic, so for now at least, she's a brunette.


  1. Hello,
    glad to hear, that your hand is getting better again. For your question, on which series you should concentrate, I would like to see more of the 'Present' and 'Pet' series. Vera Purdee is nice too, but for my taste a litle bit too "soft", although I liked the way Dr. Psycho continued it.

  2. enjoyed this caption. don't think i shall be much help here,its the kid in the cake shop problem. guess i prefere captions over stories but then again the vera ones were very good. AGHHH!


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