Sunday, January 13, 2013

Present 3

 Here's the next 2 captions in the Present series, as promised. Just a quick little addition, with some simple morph work. I'm thinking I might look for a few cucumbers for the next installment....

Also, I've written a story inspired by Katie Smith's Tracey stories. I'll post it here in a day or two. It is a longer version of my earlier caption from last July, The Other Woman.

Enjoy, caps after the break,

- B-Rex


  1. Loving this series more and more... that blonde trashy look... just perfect! ^.^

  2. Yes, a delightful slide into subhumanity, here.

    More, please: inflated lips, oversized permerect nipples, a forked tongue....

  3. They seem to be giving her a 'Coco' makeover. :)

    Great series! Typo in the first cap with 'piratically', unless Sheila is going to get a pirate makeover too. ;)

  4. i am loving sheilas downful


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