Monday, January 7, 2013

Pet 2 - Muffi's Day Out

Here's a quick sequel to my earlier post, Pet. I wasn't planning on making a sequel, but when I found this picture, it was just too good to ignore.

On the earlier caption I was planning of morphing the image to alter the puppygirl's hands, but it never looked right. So this picture worked out perfectly for me, story wise. Hopefully I'll find a good picture for a future 3rd caption, that will let me show off her new hands.

One caption, after the break. Please enjoy, and comment frequently. It might help me maintain this posting surge I seem to be on at the moment. 4 posts in 5 days! :-)

- B-Rex


  1. What a fun caption, I do hope for a part three. After all...don't you think she needs some nose work? A snout like that isn't going to win Crufts! x

  2. I'm not much into pet stuff, but this series sure is picking my interest! Good job!

  3. Wondering now whether Madame might decide that one of the other dogs at the show would make a good sire for Muffi's first litter.

    Or, that one of the dogs might think so on his own . . . .

  4. I love the powerful humiliation in your captions, this one is so awesome.

    Do you ever think of doin some forced fem ones too?

    1. Actually, I used to do TG and Forced Fem captions exclusively. They can be found on my yahoo groups. would be a good place to start. I only posted in the Files sections of my sites, so avoid the photos areas, they are mostly full of spammers now. Other links can be found on the front page of the group. I made a few dozen captions, all during 2004-5.

      I'm not sure if I'll ever make more TG caps. There are so many TG captioneers out there now, and so few that make non-TG caps like my own. But I'll think about it.

      - B-Rex


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