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Guest Post: Alternative Present 4 by Meisa

Meisa emailed me several pictures and a short text to accompany them. The pics are low-res, so I'm just going to post the text file and a few of the pics. Meisa said "Though I've never done captioning myself, I decided that I liked the Present series so much that I took a stab at writing the next Cucumber part that Part 3 was hinting at."

So this caption is an alternative to Present 4, and honestly I think I prefer this story to my own version. Please enjoy, and don't forget to comment. Meisa is thinking about making a sequel, and I'm sure any feedback would be useful as inspiration.

Caption after the break, as always.

- B-Rex

(First caption, using a pic from Cucumber005-014)

"What...are...THESE, you worthless whore!!?" Juliet was drunk and angry enough to the point where her hand was trembling with the cucumber she'd taken out of the shopping bag, which made Sheila tremble inside even more, knowing her Mistress would immediately find a way to take her suffering in this game up another level.

"They're...the cucumbers you asked to be fetched Mistress. The five biggest ones they h..."

"Bullshit!" snapped Juliet. "These are barely thicker than 2 of my fingers together, or the handle on those cheap plastic brooms you sweep this kitchen with...". She then briefly turned to Leah and Suzie to wink and smile at them. " your special cleaning slut-suit."

"B-B-But, you asked for the biggest ones. These were the heaviest on the scale...". Sheila decided to try pleading, using her best slutty, slave-whore voice. "...and this worthless, silicone-inflated bimbo fucktoy made sure to ask the clerk to help her go through the WHOLE pile."

"You're absolutely useless, you know that?" Juliet was getting more frustrated and worked up by the second. She was suddenly looking worse and worse in front of her new friends, and needed a way to recover this situation quickly.  "It should have been obvious enough, even to a bimbo whore like you, that I was ordering you to get the 'thickest' ones for your slut-holes. Not a bunch of long toothpicks!" Juliet then began grabbing additional cucumbers out of the bag and advanced on Sheila, her scowl finally morphing into a very dark grin. "Well, let's just see how big and gaping little miss fine-print's 'loophole' really is!"


Sheila was sitting on the lounge floor, leaning back, with her legs splayed far out to the sides. Gasping from the exertion over the last hour or two, she didn't know how much longer she could last, but she knew not to dare get her Mistress any more annoyed than she already was.

"Well now, bimbo. It looks like you're finally up to four. Sort of, anyway. The game is technically called 'hide' the cucumber after all." Juliet and the others burst out into a short laugh, their good mood having been restored.

Sheila's cunt was stretched to limits she never knew it could reach, with 4 of the 5 cucumbers she'd bought all forced into her womanhood together in an obscene bundle. She had slowly and painfully worked each of them in until it pressed all the way up against her cervix, which still left a good several inches hanging out exposed between her thighs, and then Juliet would silently point to the next one and the struggle would begin anew. But Sheila was sure this was it, there was no way to progress any further. "Please Mistress, this silicone-inflated bimbo fucktoy's cunt can't hold any more! It's stuffed too full! She needs to stop!"

Juliet looked down at Sheila's flushed and sweaty face, then tilted her head a bit to the side as if thinking about something. "Oh, but you haven't played the game properly, little dumb whore. The game is called 'hide' the cucumber, and we know what a stickler you are for wording. Tut tut. We just need to move on to the next step is all." Juliet grabbed a nearby roll of duct tape and a small knife she had ready on the table.

(Second caption, using a pic from Cucumber052-062)

If Sheila thought the first "step" of Juliet's latest game was agony, she was bitterly chastising herself for believing that now. After taking several minutes of extra shoving on the cucumber bundle wedged deep in Sheila's cunt to make sure there was no more give, which was accompanied by several minutes of Sheila's yelps and groans, Juliet very carefully cut off the protruding ends of the cucumbers and quickly sealed up Sheila's cunt with strips of duct tape that would make sure its contents would stay hidden for a good while longer. Juliet then snapped her fingers and ordered Sheila to flip over.

"Now then, I think you've had enough slutty fun getting to work those nice veggies in and out of your cunt. You just keep your eyes on the floor there while the rest of us take our turn playing this game." Sheila motioned for the other girls to come over beside her, and together they all instantly shoved the first of the cut-off cucumber ends deep inside Sheila's ass...wide-end first.

"AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" Sheila shrieked. "Oh don't you go exaggerating." Juliet giggled. "That's only the first one, and there's no way you can tell us a brainless fucktoy has that much trouble doing anal." The other two women joined in with Juliet's giggling, loving every minute of this. If Juliet could provide this much entertainment on a regular basis, there was a long future for her in their prestigious group. "Besides, I'm sure that you know it's not good to waste food. wiiiiiiiiiide..."

The three women continued with the other end-pieces, more slowly now as the resistance from Sheila's ass increased. Sheila did her best to muffle any further outbursts, since it only seemed to give them more encouragement and draw out her "stuffing" even more. She finally lost that struggle though when they made their way to the final fifth cucumber, the remaining whole one that hadn't been cut and shortened. "...mmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuUUUOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!" She continued to cry out through clenched teeth as they began coordinating to drive the entire bundle deeper, and deeper in, one excruciating inch at a time. "EEEEEESSSSSSHHHHH! EEEEEESSSSSSHHHHH!"

Finally, somehow, the whole remaining cucumber collection was successfully buried and "hidden" inside Sheila's poor, punished back-door. But then Sheila heard Juliet stripping off more pieces of duct tape from the roll, and her eyes popped even wider as she realized Juliet's latest "game" wasn't over yet.


Standing by the front door, as the party officially came to a close, Juliet gave her new friends a final send-off. Sheila slowly paraded back and forth in front of the three of them. Upright once again, but quite visibly squirming and wincing, and naked except for her new irremovable duct-tape "panties" that Juliet had fashioned for her. Sheila's hips had an almost drunken, brazenly wide swing to them, despite not having had a drop of alcohol all night. Also, each time she attempted to move a leg forward it wound up shaking a bit in the air and then dropping back down to the ground with much more force than normal, like she was lifting weights tied to her ankles. The shockwaves from each step would then distribute back up through her body and ripple both her breast and butt implants, shaking her front and back to a degree that would surely knock her off balance if it weren't both sides at the same time. All because of the near-bursting degree of cucumber she was now forced to carry around 'hidden' in her lower regions.

"Oh. My. God!" Leah cried out, cupping her face in her hands. "Now this is an incredible sight!" She hurriedly rushed through her purse. "Oh no! But my phone's out of power! I can't take any video of this." Leah began pouting. "I'm sorry, looks like I forgot mine in the charger." Susie chimed in.

Juliet just grinned widely and patted them both on the back. "Now don't you worry girls. I happen to like what I'm seeing here way too much to let it just be a one-time thing." She turned to Sheila, who was still obediently showcasing her new "walk". "Guess what, Jiggle Juggs? Before you're allowed to, um, 'change your underwear' tomorrow, you're going to have an extra-special exercise day. I've been putting together another new jogging outfit for you, and I think this is the perfect opportunity for you to try it on. I know I talked about how much I already loved the first one I had made for you, but you know how it is. We designers just get more and more ideas after our last creations. This one's going to be even better for you, you'll see."

"What do you think girls?" Juliet called out while still facing Sheila. "Want to help me make a workout video tomorrow?"


  1. Well done Meisa I do hope you well make more captions

  2. Looking forward to the workout video =)


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