Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pet 3 - Dog Show and Tricks

Former divorce lawyer, Rebecca, a.k.a. Muffi, spends a day at the dog show!

I wanted to show off what her new hands looked like, but even though I have tons of puppygirl pictures, almost none of them really show off the girl's hands. I'll keep looking though, and if I get a good morph done of just the hands, I'll add it to a future posting. I have a little more planned for this impromptu series, and I'll post those caps in a few days.

Two captioned images here, after the break. I've got two captions finished for the Present series as well, which I'll post sometime tomorrow. Please enjoy!

- B-Rex


  1. fantastic work on another caption! I like how you emphasized the paws which aren't directly focused on in the photo.
    On another note, spam sucks. will you disallow anonymous comments to eliminate spam?

  2. Thanks for the comment! For now I'm trying to just delete the spam as it appears.

    Only a few messages get through, there are dozens a day that never get through the filter, so until it gets really bad I'll keep allowing anonymous comments. Some people prefer them, so they don't have to setup a dummy google account.

    Glad you liked the paws, :-)
    - B-Rex

  3. The paws are a bit extreme, but oddly appealing. Remembering the memorable story "Mary and the Veterinarian" by Malcolm [ ], I trust that the bones of her forearms and wrists are fused so she has appropriately limited flexibility in her forelegs.
    Something tells me Rex is going to enjoy his bone-burying even more in the next couple of months....

  4. I like your captions really very much and this turns out to be especially good. In my opinion there aren't enough captionists who such high standards of humilation and degration in their captions, since a lot shut their websites down in the past few years. Keep going your good work.


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