Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jackie O

Two new captions, that I was working on last Halloween and never got around to finishing until now. Oh well, better late than never.

Also, I've updated the previous Vera Purdee post, so be sure to read my message there, especially if the story inspired any interesting ideas of your own.

Caps after the break, as per usual.

- B-Rex


  1. Hah, another set of trick titties! You're really good at coming up with new ones, Rex!

    Not sure if you were aware, but there is a certain resentment against those female flaggers among road workers. It used to be the light-duty job for men close to retirement, but many of them were replaced with young women to create the appearance of equal opportunity.

    I do love seeing an arrogant, dishonest woman suffering because of her crimes.

    Maybe another part of Jackie's duties for the company is to serve as a nursing assistant at a residential facility for the company's injured workers. I'm sure the fellows would enjoy seeing her scurrying about serving them, her immense tits getting in the way as she worked.

  2. Love this latest humiliation and implant design B-Rex. Brilliant ending line to finish the caption on as well, linking "Honking" into her tit-based fate.

    I can see why she's positioned out and away from the main work zone though...as much as upper management wants to cut a deal, they know that if she were to stand right next to the workers they'd never get another minute of night-work accomplished. :D

    Remember those old-timey workout machines that worked by putting a belt around the person's waist, they'd lean backward into the strap with a newspaper or magazine, and a motor attached to the belt would make their hips shake around? Maybe if Jackie is judged to be getting too lazy keeping her tits lit up they could rig up some sort of similar design, with the motor locked onto her like a backpack and the strap pressing up just under her Jug O' Lanterns.

    Or, the gym that Sheila is forced to go to by her Mistress in the "Present" series could always have a few of those antiques somewhere in the facility, and she could suddenly find some time tacked on for "tit toning".


  3. Enjoyable inventive, an appropriate punishment.


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