Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Assembly Line

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday!

I'm taking a few days off writing, so I can recharge my head. Over the course of April, I wrote just under 50,000 words for my ebooks. Not counting these blog posts or captions, either. And not counting the half-dozen stories I've started working on, but haven't published yet.

All in all, I think April was a very good start for my ebook writing career. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy or sent me an encouraging few words. I'd love to hear more feedback from those of you who read my new Gender Swap Revenge story. I haven't written anything in the TG genre in ages, so I'm a bit worried I didn't spend enough time focusing on the main character's reaction to being transformed.

Also, I'm going to try to update the look of the blog over the next few days, maybe try to remove some of the clutter on the side panels, maybe play around with the color scheme again. Whatever.

Now, I've just finished a whole new set of captions, called Assembly Line. Five captions in all. They are slightly sci-fi in nature, but nothing too deep. I've had these pics for ages, just waiting to think up a story to tie them all together. Hopefully you all will enjoy it too.

- B-Rex


  1. Very very very good, good sir. Love these sci-fi themes and the whole tone of betrayal in the twist ending. Wonderful!

    Have a nice time in writing vacation, and I hope you won't take long. I'm certainly going to miss it. ^.^

  2. Very nice, somewhat reminescent of the Ultimate Love Doll series by Vendatrix. None the less the execution is very good, and the pictures, especially 3 & 5 speak for themselves.

  3. It's a good thing Alyssa had a backup plan for her boss to rescue her and... oh. Oh dear. :) Of course, it wouldn't be a B-Rex cap if the 'rescue' went a bit off the rails now, would it?

    My only feedback is that it would have been nice to see a little more of Alyssa's thoughts, humiliation and frustration in the last cap but I imagine it's always a balancing act with the limited amount of space available. Nice work nonetheless!

  4. Another wonderful mini-series B-Rex. Great ideas to bring all the images together, and an excellent twist ending.

  5. I've used picture 3 myself as a trade cap at Rachel's Haven. Here it is reposted on my blog

    Your use of it was wonderful! More like this PLEASE.


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