Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cartel Cow - and a new Ebook

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I've completed my next ebook, called Amy's Whore Makeover! (I was going to go with Whore-ific, but it didn't look right.)

Details after the break, and a new 5 part caption series too! Hope you all enjoy the captions and the new ebook! :-)

- B-Rex

This is a nearly 12,000 word story based largely on the second caption I posted to this blog, Swollen Pride. (Unfortunately, thanks to blogger shrinking my images, it isn't really readable. I've got a bigger version available here.) And all for $2.99! :-)

The story is fairly straight forward: Amy works at a tattoo parlor, pisses off her boss and coworkers by insulting their customers and then stealing their boyfriends. They decided enough is enough, and get revenge against Amy by giving her a whorish makeover against her will. Including humiliating tattoos, lots of nasty piercings, lip augmentation, pussy inflation, nipple inflation, and so on.

I have a lot of other body modification ideas I could've used on her, but I didn't want things to get too busy. I did leave the ending open for a possible sequel though, especially if this story proves fairly popular. I've tried to leave plenty of room to add on even more body-mods in the future if I do continue the story.

The Cover with Title's added.

The Cover without the Title's.


Smashwords (Probably cheaper to buy here if you live outside the U.S.A.)
Barnes and Noble

This marks my 1st ebook published in May and my 7th ebook overall. I'm not really certain what I'll write next. I've got two more forced lactation stories started, and I'm thinking of writing another transgender tale, maybe a male-version of my Present caption series.

And speaking of forced lactation, a new caption series!

This isn't a continuation of the Detention/Mind Control caps I've been doing all week, but a totally different little series called Cartel Cow. (I didn't make the last morph, but got if off of imagefap, I think. It isn't perfect, but I like the general effect.)

Cartel Cow 1

Cartel Cow 2

Cartel Cow 3

Cartel Cow 4

Cartel Cow 5 - End


  1. Excellent series B-Rex. Love the undercover theme, the outfits, milking and a rescue thwarted at the last minute.

  2. Many elements that I really like in this story: undercover agent caught, forced lactation, undercover agent betrayed, &c.

    I hadn't noticed it before, but I find that I get an extra kick out of Rina's being not just a successful cow, but the best in the herd. As though this were the life she was born for....

  3. That's an incredible final picture you found B-Rex. Love it! Never thought I'd see a really clean, non-illustration version of something like that. Your caption work continues to be as captivating as ever. :D

  4. I agree with Meisa, kinda curious where that picture was found.


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