Monday, May 27, 2013

Prank War 2013: Undercover at Honeywell

Happy Memorial Day!

I've got the next installment in the Prank War Saga for you, a 4-parter. In this episode, Private Investigator Mandy goes undercover as a new student in Honeywell Academy, in hopes of meeting Lori Logan.

I'm trying something a bit different with this new Prank War saga; I'm writing in first-person. It's making my writing time take a bit longer than normal, but I kind of like the change. Hopefully you all will enjoy it too.

These caps are also written as diary or journal entries. I don't know if I'll keep the rest of the Saga as a bunch of journal entries or not, but I'm going to try. I sort of like the unique things I can do with this sort of setting.

Anyway, 4 captions after the break. Expect ageplay, spanking, and humiliations galore!

Have a safe, fun holiday, everyone! :-)

- B-Rex

(P.S. Oh, and I've also published my next ebook, Wishing Stone Revenge, a new male-to-female transgender story, though there are several other magical alterations besides. Smashwords Link

I'm a huge fan of Mr. Grey's Cynthia and the Stone and Amowat's Wishbone series, and their other stories too. I wanted to make my own sort of chaotic wishing tale, but a little more structured, with more of a plot arc. This new tale is mostly set up, with some hopefully nice transformations within. I'm hoping to continue it, maybe even make a short series of wishing stone tales.)

Peezy Investigation, Day One

Peezy Investigation, Day Two, Morning

Peezy Investigation, Day Two, Night

Peezy Investigation, Day Five, Morning


  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful: an undercover investigation that goes horribly wrong, age regression, humiliating uniforms, spankings, bureaucracy gone mad, a secret betrayal... this series has it all.

    I also love the idea of a journal with commentary from a third party. Excellent stuff B-Rex, and we haven't even gotten to PZ yet!

  2. As with Ian, this one really pushes a LOT of my buttons. I also agree that the commentary from a reader of the diary is a useful addition. It's tricky to add anything to an epistolary story, but this gimmick is a good one for providing someone else's viewpoint.

  3. Great photo's with a good story behind it. Watching things unfold so wrongly for her was very enjoyable and a teasing end. Thought the first person style worked well as did Jane's little comments.

  4. One of your best yet. I particularly liked the second part. You captured her surprise perfectly.


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