Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spread Wide: UPDATED with new cap

UPDATED: Second caption added. Leila-stoat wanted a sequel and I had the perfect picture. Enjoy :-)

Here's a quick single caption for you all. Real life is getting a bit busy right now, so my productivity will probably be low this week.

Still, hopefully you'll all appreciate a little public nudity :-)

- B-Rex


  1. I'm not one to call for sequels and series from things out of the blue but... the Morgan Twins sure deserve their own little series of shenanigans captions. ^.^

  2. I agree with Leila. The Morgan Girls clearly have potential for the further humiliation of Jane, or of a series of poor dears.

    I'd love to see a series of images of some poor soul they've played dress-up with.

    I have never cared for the "pre-pubescent" look on the crotches of grown women, and I like the idea that Jane and the Morgans regard the loss of her pubic hair (perhaps for a very long time?) as an added humiliation.

  3. I'll chime in with my support for the continuing adventures of the Morgan twins and their hapless victims.

    And this being a B-Rex series, their inevitable comeuppance... :)

  4. Heh heh. A very fun, cute new series B-Rex. The Morgan twins are already quite creative in humiliating Jane with whatever they can randomly dig up around the house, and it's only her first day with them. Things could develop quite interestingly with an entire month of time to "play" with her, especially with all the spare cash and accessories that mansion probably has tucked away in its crevices.

    Hmm...actually, the mansion and Jane will probably have some things in common by the month's end, won't they? :D

  5. yes the Morgan twins should defiantly get up to more mischief in future captions


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