Friday, May 17, 2013

Itch - 3 new caps

UPDATE: Sorry the pics were out of order, I was at work and couldn't switch them back around. And then my internet was out again when I got back home. But now it is fixed.

Hello everyone, here's a three-parter continuation of the previous post. More of Jane and the Morgan Twins.

It's a pretty simple series, but hopefully still fun. I've got another continuation thought up, so you might see that sometime this weekend. The weather is really bad around my home right now, so my internet connection is very spotty at the moment.

Also, I've complete another Forced Lactation ebook, and it will also probably be up sometime this weekend. I'm thinking of putting it, MILKED at the Dairy, and Udder Exposure all into a bundle package, and selling the bundle at a discounted price. Maybe $5.99. All three stories bought separately amount to nearly $9 altogether, so the bundle would basically be a "buy 2, get 1 free" sort of deal.

Anyway, three captions, after the break as per the norm.

- B-Rex


  1. Jane appears to be a little too trusting (or gullible). :)

    I imagine after a nights torment she should be a bit wiser, and plenty exhausted from all those orgasms.

  2. the pictures are the wrong way around

  3. If the one torment isn't the worst thing she's ever experienced, the other will be.

    And yes, the pages are out of order, 1-3-2.

  4. Hm, I believe the pictures are on the wrong order...

    And I bet Jane hopes the party is good. One wonders what could happen if one of the guests got bored and decided to check out the rest of the house...

  5. any chance of you putting up your ebook in the bundle and separate as i do not want to buy more ebooks i already own

    1. Oh yes, sorry if there was any confusion. I fully plan to release all ebooks seperately, I'm just thinking of putting the forced lactation ebooks in a bundle once the newest one is up and running. I still need to make the cover though, so could still be a day or two.

      - B-Rex

  6. Nice pictures and excellent captions, relief snatched away at the last in a really embarrassing way. Plus a suitable ending


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