Friday, May 24, 2013

An Old Story and some Morphs

Sorry everyone, I was hoping to have another installment of PW2013 captions for you all, but real-life is taking up all my time right now. On the plus side, I've got a three-day weekend starting tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some caps made and finish some stories while I'm at it.

Speaking of stories, my next tale will be another TG story, based on a very old tale I posted to Fictionmania years ago. Since I don't have anything new for all of you, you can go read that old tale if you want: Sharon's Ring

I was still calling myself Aesop and was on a serious wishing-gone-wrong kick at the time. My new tale is going to be an expanded version of this, with several humiliating wishes, including a male-to-female gender transformation.

Also, here's a wonderful TG caption from Becky: Wend-E I love the pic here and the caption almost perfectly fits an old idea of mine. I especially love how the doll both forces the victim to humiliate themselves, and wastes their time on inane activity. The entire way the caption is written is wonderful, it both sounds like a real advertisement and emphasizes all the humiliating details of the doll. If you like my caps, you'll probably love this one too.

Also, since I don't have any captions for you, I'll leave you all with a few morphed pictures instead, after the break.

- B-Rex

(A lot of these were meant to be Sheila, from my Present Series, but I never got around to using them.)

A simple boob/butt enlargement to start things out:

Sheila's new and improved posterior:

Sheila practicing her stripper routine for Juliet and her friends:

This was going to be a sequel picture for Second Thoughts. The morph was tricky due to the mirror being angled at the bottom:

Speaking of bottoms, here's a Coco butt enlargement morph:

And a little added ring gag for a naughty petgirl:


  1. It occurs to me that Coco could practically be the poster girl for this blog.

    1. Let's see: blond, huge fake tits, massive fake butt, and clearly more than happy to show off for cameras, even in public.

      Yep, she's definitely mascot material!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to think up a caption for her!


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