Monday, May 20, 2013

Guest Cap by Kimmy Foster, Sequels, & a new Ebook!

A bit of a mixed bag this time: I've got 2 new captions for the Jane & the Morgan Twins series, and Kimmy Foster has sent in a new caption for the Jacob Mind Control series.

I'm thinking there will be one more addition to the Jane & the Morgan Twins series, including her revenge on the spoiled twins...

Also, I've just posted a new ebook too, Prisoner of the Milking Machine! This is a forced lactation erotica story, about an arrogant woman trapped in her own dairy and treated as a dairy cow by the advanced machinery. Including an advanced robot called H.I.L.D.A., with a bad German accent. :-)

Amazon Link

Smashwords Link - Cheaper for some non-US residents

Barnes & Noble Link

I'm going to post a collection of my three lactation ebooks in a day or two, once I finish the cover, and this story will be included too. All at a discounted price!

Well, that's about it. 3 Caps after the break. Please enjoy and let Kimmy know what you think of the newest Mind Control cap!

- B-Rex

Locked Up 1

Locked Up 2

And from Kimmy Foster, a new Jacob/Mind Control caption!

Friend's Sister


  1. Well done Kimmy I enjoyed the caption. And am looking forward to janes revenge

  2. "I would have been able to get off, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!"

    Nice caps - particularly like the first image, but then I've always liked the decorative and controlling elements of thigh bands to go with a chastity belt.

    Kimmy - great cap! Nice to see Jacob's mind control device being put to good use.

  3. Excellent work from two splendidly twisted minds!

    I feel privileged to have access to the products of such minds....

  4. Really enjoyed the Jane caps, loved the second picture and look forward to seeing what happens next.


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