Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Community Service

Here is a brief look at a few of the GEK girls and their various Community Service tasks. The next installment will focus on the GEK girls getting revenge on the evil redheaded EZ girl, Madysinn....

And a special thank you to Doctor Psycho for suggesting Wet Nursing!

Oh, and sorry for not posting more comment replies. I do appreciate all of your feedback, and would love more in the future. :-)

Right now I'm spending most of my free time trying to make caps and learning how to morph images in GIMP. Morphing helps me with getting the right picture for the job.

For instance, with my earlier captions for the Mayor's New Tits, all had a bit of morphing. I had to morph the expression on the Mayor's face when she looks into the mirror. In the original, the big breasted woman (Danielle Derek) was smiling happily. Now she looks shocked! Also the picture of Janine milking herself in To The Brim was morphed; the original didn't have any milk spraying out of her tit, obviously. And one of today's caps has my best faked cum shot ever! Odd thing to be proud of, I know, but I am. :-)

As of right now, this blog has seen it's page-views grow to their largest yet over the past few days! Hopefully that trend will continue. Whether it's page-views or comments or reactions, it all helps to spur me on to make even more captions.

Caps after the break, please enjoy!


  1. Love this series so much.


  2. Delicious.

    Best bit: the sperm donors ignoring Beth in favor of the magazine pictures. All they want from her is the service of her hands. Magnificently degrading.

  3. So today I found your blog for the first time, had to say after reading the front two pages (especially this series) you are magnificent! Can't wait to read more!

    1. Thank you for visiting! I hope you continue to enjoy my caps, and I'm really glad that you like the Prank War series! I hope to finish it soon, as soon as I have more time to write. The next entries all have a lot of stuff happening. They will all probably be at least 5 caps long or more.

      - B-Rex


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