Monday, August 6, 2012

Slight Mistakes

Another quickie! A woman with fake tits meets a lawyer without a clue. :)

For those that care about such things, I have completed a short story. Unfortunately, even though I started writing an Age Regression tale, I somehow ended up with an entirely different story! I hate when that happens. Anyway, the story I did manage to write is very weird and doubtfully the sort of thing anyone here would care to read anyway, so I have simply posted it at The Changing Forum instead.

If by chance you are interested in the tale of an angry man getting revenge against women by way of bacteria-laced yogurt, then you can find the story here: under the title The Mad Gasser, by B-Rex.

You may have to register before you can comment, but it is well worth being a member of that site anyway. Lots of good stories, for all types of fetishes.


  1. Wow! A great, devious caption!

    Nice to see how a small misunderstanding can give her such a huge gain and more! I hope that, with time, she can embosom her new assets.


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