Thursday, August 9, 2012

New story! Filling In by B-Rex

So, I was sitting down, getting ready to write a quick few captions for everyone. Suddenly, I realize I'm approaching page ten in MSWord and that I've inadvertently written a rather unusual story. I think you will all like it though. Hopefully. :)

The story is told as a one-sided phone conversation, all dialogue, so it was kind of a challenge for me. I'm pretty happy with the results though. I'm not going to put any tags, so as not to give anything away.

It is pretty long, because of the format, but only about 2000 words altogether. 

Story after the break:

Filling In
By B-Rex


“Oh, thank god you picked up Alison, I've been calling you all afternoon!”

“No, honey, it's okay, I'm not mad, honest! Yes, I realize you've been busy filling in for me!”

“Yes, yes, I admit that you are the greatest niece in the whole wide world and I owe you big! Okay?”

“Yes, I know, if I missed another day of work I'd have been canned. I am almost over my flu though, thanks for asking.”

“Yes, I know you really saved my bacon, Ally.”

“Yes, I know asking you to impersonate me at work for a few days was asking a lot of you.”

“Okay Alison, enough! Just tell me already! The suspense is killing me! How did things go today? Did anyone realize you weren't me? Did the clothes fit?”

“Oh thank god! I was so worried! I mean, I know you're 18 now and I'm only 24 myself and we've always looked so much alike, but I was still so nervous! But I guess I shouldn't have worried, I'm not very sociable at work to begin with and I've only been there for two years, so I really shouldn't have expected anyone to notice that you were filling in for me.”

“Good news and bad news? Oh, um, good news first, I guess.”

“A promotion?! No, honey, that's great news! I knew I was coming up for a review, but this is way sooner than I--- ”

“Oh? For Rebecca Redbush? Personal Assistant!”

“No, Alison, it's okay. Why would I be mad? This is a huge promotion for me! I mean, no one ever goes from reception straight to PA. Why are you crying? Alison, dear, what's wrong?”

“The bad news? Well how bad could it be, you didn't get me fired after all, and I can't imagine--- ”

“New security measures? A new photo I.D. badge? Well, that isn't so bad, I mean we do look nearly identical, or else I never would have even asked you to---”

“They took your fingerprints?!

“Yes, I know what that means!”

“To get in the building?! And out, too?!”

“Okay, Alison, calm down! We'll just have to deal with this. Now tell me everything they told you about the review.”

“Uh, huh...”


“Quarterly? That means it's only temporary, Alison. We can switch back in three months!”

“No, I realize that's still a long time...”

“No, I am not making light of this, Ally!”

“Yes, I know, you'll have to stay in my apartment. And drive my car. It'll be fine, Alison.”

“School's starting up again next week? So?”

“No, honey, I can't do that! You'll just have to make up for missed classes---”

“Yes, I know I agreed that I owed you a favor---”

“No! I am not being ungrateful! But you can't just expect me to---”

“Fine! Fine! I'll replace you at school! Just calm down...there now, that's better. Okay, we can both do this, it's only for a few months. When the security review is over, they should stop scanning everyone's fingerprints, and we can just switch back.”

“Don't worry Alison, you'll be fine! Look, dear, you already know how to type and filing is easy enough. Being a PA isn't difficult, it just means a lot of paperwork...yes, and you'll have to get coffee and pick up Mrs. Redbush's dry cleaning---”

“Oh, sorry, Miss Redbush, then.”

“No, don't worry about me, I think I can manage attending high school for a quarter. Hell, I only graduated five years ago. I'll be fine, maybe I can even get a few of your grades up? I was always good at math...”

“Yes, dear, everything will turn out okay, you'll see. And think of it this way, you'll be getting some very real hands on training in a major office building.”

“Yes, I'll be fine, Alison, quit worrying about me!”

“Oh, it will be weird, sure. But I was never that popular in high school to begin with, actually.”

“So, it'll be kind of fun being you for a few months, I think. I can relive my senior year. And now that I really think about it, I'm not that much older than the boys in your class. It'll be fun getting to flirt with them again and god knows I've filled out since high---”

What! What do you mean you have a girlfriend?!


“Oh hi, Alison! I'm so glad I caught you! So, tell me, how have things gone at work these past two weeks? Are you and Miss Redbush getting along? I've always heard she was a real slave driver, but then they say that about all the young executives.”

“Oh, that's great honey! You're going to make a great secretary someday!”

“Well, honey, really with your grade point average you need to be thinking of a future in clerical work...”

“A bartender?! Ally, that's really not the sort---”

“Yes, I know it's your life, and you can live it however you want. I just don't really---”

“No, I am not as bad as your mother! You take that back!”

“No no, it's fine, Alison, I was just trying to be the good responsible aunt again. Anyway, tell me more about what you've been doing these past two weeks. Make any new friends?”

“Mad at you? Why would I be mad, Ally?”

“You broke up with Brad? Honey, I'm not going to be mad at you for breaking up with my boyfriend, I mean we weren't even really dating any---”

“No, I'm not going to break up with your girlfriend out of spite! How can you even think that?!”

“Yes, I know you like her. Please, Ally, honey, please stop crying. I don't care about Bradley.”

“Yes, I'm sure you miss her---”

“Yes, Sally is a nice girl---”

“Well, I don't know that I would go quite that far, I mean I'm not the least bit attracted---”

“I'm sure you think she's hot, but I don't really feel---”

“Yes, we did actually. Sally is...kind of intense when she gets excited, isn't she?”

“Okay! Too much information, Ally!”

“Yes, I watched those videos you recommended...”

“No, I promise I won't tell your mother what you keep on your computer.”

“Actually, it was pretty gross---”

“I am not a homophobe! I just didn't like the way she rubbed her...oh never mind! Anyway, Alison, my lunch break is almost over, I've got math class in a few minutes...”

“Oh, something else?”

“Okay, I promise I won't be mad, just tell me!”

“A tongue piercing! Alison Diver, how could you!”

“I don't care if your mother wouldn't let you get one! That is no excuse for---”

“Fine, at least tell me you didn't wear it to work...Alison?”

“Oh my god! Don't you realize, anything you do reflects on me! Now I'm going to have to get my tongue pierced, before we switch back!”

“What do you mean Sally will be happy?”

“Eww gross! TMI, Ally! TMI!


“Hello Awison! I'm So how are thwings gowing with you, Awy?”

“Yesh, I did get a tongsh piersing, jusph lash monph.”

“Lishping? Oh, wait a shecond....”

“There! Now I can talk, I keep forgetting to take the stud out! The tattoo parlor guy said to keep it in, or else the hole would shut and I'd have to get it pierced all over again. Anyway, how are things with you Alison?”

“Oh yeah, it hurt like crazy! And then everyone at school was talking about it! I was so embarrassed. You're lucky, by the time we switch back the gossip will have died down.”

“Oh, it's okay Ally, I totally understand. The past two months have been pretty hectic for me too! You are so much more popular than I was in school. I can't believe how much time it takes to be a cheerleader. Between the practices and the games, I've been way too busy to get in touch with you. Of course, I'm sure Miss Redbush has been running you pretty ragged too.”

“Oh really? Well that's good then.”

“How are things going with Sally? Oh, well, we've been...busy.”

“Yes, she loves the tongue stud. A bit too much actually. You really should have told me about your cheerleader squad though. Sally invited me to a slumber party a few weeks was...a new experience.”

“That's none of your business! And no, I didn' least not all night.”

“Stop giggling!”

“Anyway, I am so glad we're swapping back in three weeks!

“You are too? So you aren't tempted to stay an overworked PA forever then?”

“I was just joking, Ally! Lighten up! I know you miss Sally and would never abandon her.”

“Well, honey, offices are like that. They're little gossip factories, but don't worry about it. In three short weeks you can leave that nest of rumor-mongering vipers and return to the busy life of a high school cheerleader.

“Sure, I guess I'll miss it, a little. But I am definitely ready to get back to my real life. And back to my lifestyle, with a normal relationship. No offense, Ally, I know you love her and all, but your little girlfriend is a bossy little control freak!”

“Yeah, I kind of figured you had a thing for the pushy types. And you can have her!

“Yeah, I totally can't wait to be back in my apartment and to get back to dating MEN! I mean, no offense to your lifestyle, Ally, but I am about ready to just jump the nearest thing with a mind. My mind has been in the gutter all month! But enough about me, tell me about your last few months.”

“A new apartment? In the city? Ally, even with the promotion, how am I supposed to afford---”

“Downtown Dellhard? Along the park? I didn't know there were any apartments for lease around there?”

“The building next to Callie's? Isn't that a lesbian bar?”

“Sorry! I was just asking! How can you afford to live there anyway, the whole city is outrageously overpr---”

“Oh, Rebecca Redbush owns the apartment building? Really? I didn't know she was into real estate. And she gave you a good deal?”

“Wow, that low! She must really like you Alison! Well, thanks for swinging me the apartment, it'll shave a lot of my commute.”

“Oh, you're carpooling to work now? Some of the other office girls live around there too?”

“Really!? I would have figured she'd live in a more upscale part of town. You and her must be getting to know each other pretty well then, driving back and forth together each day. That would explain why you keep calling her Becky.”

“Oh, the game is about to start! We need to hurry, I've only got a few more minutes to talk, Ally. I'm the top of the pyramid, so I can't be late!”

“Yes, I have been keeping up with your school work, Ally! Don't worry! Actually, I've even managed to push your scores up a bit. I wouldn't say you're going to end up on the honor role or anything, but even if you fail the next few tests you should get at least a solid B in math and science.”

“Yeah, I would say you have a decent shot of getting a G.P.A. of at least 2.6 overall. Your days of D's are over, Alison!”

“What do you mean, speaking of D's?”

BREAST IMPLANTS! What! What on earth persuaded you to get breast implants?!

“What do you mean 'they were a gift'?! Who the hell---”

“Redbush?! Why would she buy you a boob-job for your birthday?!”

“Ally! What do you mean 'she's your girlfriend'?!

“Oh god! She's MY GIRLFRIEND NOW! I don't want a girlfriend Ally!

“What! Why the hell would you think I would grow attached to the lifestyle?! Because of Sally?”

“You've been saving money? For me? Oh god! I'm going to have to get implants to match yours, aren't I?...Wait! How the hell have you been saving enough money for another boob-job?!”

“Stripping?! You mean I'm a stripper at Callie's now too?! Oh god, Alison! You've made me into a big titted lesbian bimbo!”

“What the hell do you mean 'it just happened'?!”

“Ally?! Ally?! Fuck! I've got to go, the stupid game is starting! But we aren't done here Alison, not by a long shot!”


  1. Excellent story. The 'phone conversation' format was different from the usual, and it was interesting 'filling in' the other half of the conversation from the response.

    It also combines some of my favorite themes - humiliation and identity loss / theft.

  2. this was great. I felt that the phone conversation gimmick allowed the changes to accelerate, more like this would be appreciated. Awesome work!

  3. Humiliation, identity theft, social demotion, age regression, forced body modification*, forced change of lifestyle (straight to gay or vice versa, dating members of another race, &c.), office sex,** adults sent back to school,*** oh, this story really does it for me, all right. Pushes the buttons real good....



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