Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Morphing with GIMP

Hello all,

sorry that I don't have any new caps right now, but I have found a little free time to practice with GIMP image editing software, mostly making morphs for my next set of captions. GIMP is basically a free version of Photoshop. I only a have a few minutes of free time here and there, and I find it difficult to write stories in little spurts like that, but I can work on a morph and leave and come back later without difficulty.

Anyway, I wanted to post something, and I'd love a little feedback on my morphing abilities. So here are a few morphed pics I've made, which might very well end up in a future caption series. They are of porn starlet Diamond Foxx and are supposed to be Janine, the GEK Sorority House Mother from my earlier cap series THE HOUSE MOTHER and TO THE BRIM.

For those that don't remember, she was impregnated with quintuplets by about 40 young Fraternity Pledges and is now heavily lactating. Miss Foxx already has large breasts, but I've been wanting to show her in her more advanced pregnant state.

This is the original picture:

And this is a minor morph, showing her with a baby bump beginning:

And this is a morph of her a few months into her pregnancy:

I'd love some feedback on this, of the more critical sort. I don't have really have an eye for morphing, so I'd like to know if these simple morphs look realistic or believable, or if they need more work.

PS: And just for fun, here's a quick lip morph of my favorite collagen-pumped starlet, Angelina Valentine.


  1. The baby bump version looks fine. The preggo version becomes a bit more problematic. The shading seems a bit too much. Would have helped to have adjusted the waistband on the panties under the bump a bit. Good effort though.

  2. Very good effort. I like how you added stretch marks to the belly. Did you take them from her boobs? Part of the problem is that the pregnant belly seems to be just sitting on top of her normal belly-- it hasn't affected her waist on the side. The edge of the shadow under her hand is a bit too defined... I don't think it's too dark, just too defined an edge. I thik you got the skin tone of her belly just about right- that's often hard to duplicate. A very good effort!

    1. Yeah, the stretch marks are from her left breast. I too am not fully satisfied with the second morph, though I'm not entirely sure what I can do to fix it. I might need to just "borrow" a belly from another picture. Anyway, I spend the most time on the second fully pregnant morph making her clothes on top of the belly. I'll spend some more time trying to make it look better.

      Thanks for the feedback, everyone! It really helps me improve my pics (and caps)!

  3. like them im more for the lips one


    I find that when some people do things like cumshots / milk in pictures, they add a bit of white, perhaps a white circle, but that doesn't really look that great or realistic. So on her right nipple, having a white dot, I wouldnt agree with if you want to give across the idea of lactation.

    1. Ah...thanks! :-) I haven't spent much time working on her breasts yet, but that's a helpful idea; I typically copy/paste a bit of real cum/milk from another photo entirely. I didn't really ever think to use a different layer made semi-translucent, but that would probably work a lot better, or at least save time. Thanks!

  5. All I have to add is that I really, really like images of pregnancy and of pregnancy gradually advancing (hey, it's a real-life TF!).


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