Monday, August 20, 2012

A-Hole In One

An early morning present for you all! The EZ's get revenge on Tabitha for her part in getting the Mayor her new giant titties. Hopefully you can all read this, though the sand might make that difficult.

Cap and text after the break. :)

Hole In One
by B-Rex

Still groggy from being drugged, Tabitha pulled her limbs as hard as she could, but the compressed sand wouldn't budge an inch. Finally, she gave up struggling and looked around. It seemed she had awoken inside a sand trap, on the Beaverhole Golf Course. Suddenly, Madysinn and a Frat boy she didn't recognize appeared from around a patch of trees and approached her. Tabitha just glared at the redheaded EZ girl.

“Ooh, the silent treatment. Well, whatever bitch, I'll just do all the talking then. Heather was busy, so  it's up to me to repay you for giving the Mayor her new super-bouncy tits. Actually, I'm totally in favor of  them, but that's beside the point. You fucked with the Mayor, and technically she's an EZ girl, so now you have to pay.

“The KOK Fraternity is still running their pledges through hoops for a few more challenges. Today's challenge is a sort of scavenger hunt. The pledges have to run around town to different checkpoints, and take pictures of themselves doing something stupid at each location. And I volunteered you for the final checkpoint. You're the new 18th hole on this course! Anyway, when each pledge gets here, they have to fuck one of your holes and take a picture to prove it. But here's the important part: you get to pick which hole. Now, if you don't pick, they can fuck whichever hole they want. And no, oral doesn't count. Peezy is already covering that; she's checkpoint 5, by the way. Anyway, Rob here is already a member of the frat. He's here to make sure the pledges follow the rules and only fuck the hole you pick.”

Madysinn bent down in the sand and looked Tabitha in the eyes.

“And you are going to enthusiastically beg each and every pledge to fuck you in the ASS, like the bitch you are.”

Tabith snarled, “And why in the Hell would I do that, you stupid cunt!?!”

Madysinn ignored the insult and instead pulled a small syringe from her purse.

“Because I shot a doze of this in your ass cheek about two hours ago. It's the same cocktail we used on your house mother. I figure you're going to be even more fertile than she was. How is she, by the way? I heard she was going to have quintuplets. Anyway, you just make sure all of those nasty pledges blow their loads in your ass, and I'm sure you'll be fine. Of course, even if you manage not to get knocked up, that drug will have your breasts swelling up with milk anyway. Then you and your house mother can get together and pump each others tits. Won't that be loads of fun? See ya later, bitch!”


  1. She'll be begging alright. Gonna be hard to milk from that position though.


  2. Another wicked chapter in a wicked, wicked story. Thanks for continuing with the project.


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