Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I bet they hate when this happens!


  1. Hey.. no FAIR... I posted MY spanked girl 1/2 hour before you did!!!!! /JK

    There can NEVER be enough spanked girls on the internet!

    If she were an actual undercover cop, that video recording would be immortalized, it would follow her into retirement.... She'd see it every birthday, every promotion party, every award ceremony... It'd be AWESOME! :) Of course, I AM and evil little slut :)

    1. Actually, this was originally going to be a two parter but I can't find any more pics of these two women. The text would have said this:

      “But Sarge! That woman is there every single night, she keeps coming back!”

      “Mandy, I've already told you, I'm not transferring you off vice. You are still meeting your nightly quota, even if that woman is taking up some of your time.”

      “But...but can't we at least arrest her?”

      “For what, consensually spanking a grown woman? Last I checked, that isn't a crime Mandy. If she solicits you for real sex, then we can talk about it.”

      “But - ”

      “But nothing, Mandy! That woman's husband is a practicing doctor, with rich and powerful friends. His brother is an attorney, for god sakes! We aren't going to arrest that woman and risk bringing that whole shit-storm down on the department, without direct proof that she's paying for sex! You are just going to have to get used to being spanked every night, and learn to like it. 'Cause it ain't going to stop anytime soon.”

    2. If you want pics similar to these, you might wanna look.... I don't know.... here? http://cutiepiessexyspankings.com/2010/04/snow-mercy-spanks-ashli-orion/

      I'm new to captions, not new to finding smut :)

    3. Well! I bow to your smut finding abilities then!

      Thanks! I might be able to make a small series of caps. Especially since I now know the names of the women, I can find other pics to use too. Now I just need a story to tie it all together...

  2. I trust in your ingenuity, Berz!

  3. Fun cap. Curious that the other cops didn't stop her from getting spanked. Naughty, naughty.

    Please come by and say hi...


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