Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh, Donna

Another quick one, this time an Age Regression cap, for those of you that enjoy such things. :)

You'll need to open this one in a new tab/window to read, but it should be legible. If not, the text is after the break.

Oh, Donna
by B-Rex

Donna moaned in pain and boredom. Her belly was starting to hurt from holding up her weight. And her ass was still on fire from her prolonged spanking. But bound as she was to the horse in middle of this empty room, there was little she could do but think about what she had done. Of course, she was supposed to be spending this time contemplating the actions that had led to her most recent spanking.

Instead she was recalling the events that led the 24 year old to register herself as a 16 year old schoolgirl in Paddlehard Academy for Rebellious Young Women.

It sure had seemed like a good idea at the time.


6 months earlier, Donna Ashton was an Assistant IT Manager of a low-level government office in the State Capital. Most days she simply maintained a database for regional educational facilities, a do-nothing job with little pay but excellent job security. Then she accidentally found an administrator's password on a notepad left behind in the women's restroom.

She almost immediately gave in to temptation and logged in to the building's network with admin status. Within hours she had gained access to numerous databases, many confidential. She began moving funds around, shifting money out of social security accounts all over the state and moving the massive amount of money into a dummy account she created under her deceased aunt's name.

For a few weeks she actually thought she had gotten away with her crime, until the security people held an employee meeting, informing the building staff that they had left a false notebook in a public restroom to see if anyone would try to use the information within. And someone had. Security locked down the building and began to search everyone's desks.

Terrified, Donna quickly launched a very hasty plan. She used her own password to create a new account in a local boarding school, she didn't have time to consider her options. She just picked the closest school and entered a new student into the school's register. She worked as fast as she could, randomly clicking options until the forms were completed. When she was finished, she printed her new identity out. Finally, her young waif-look would come in handy.

Feigning a sudden illness, she ran out of the office towards the bathrooms. Knowing that security would be alerted by her behavior, she ducked into an emergency stairwell and was rapidly outside. She left her car behind and took a cab into the city. Within an hour she had assembled clothes for her new identity. The cab dropped her off outside the gates of the imposing redbrick Paddlehard Academy.


Donna's new identity worked like a charm! While the police searched her house and contacted her friends, Donna was safely locked away in one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the state. She just wished she hadn't checked OK on every single corporal punishment release form when set up her new identity. She also regretted not taking more care with choosing her name. She was still getting used to being called Donna Ashburns.

Her diminutive size only encouraged the other students to pick on her, and her extensive “Permanent Record” of misbehavior from her previous school only convinced the Academy staff that she was in dire need of a good spanking. And at Paddlehard Academy, students always got what they deserved.


  1. Justice is served with a topping of BURN. :P

    ...Yea, I should comment more frequently. Well, since I'm here I should say I enjoy your captions a lot and you do an awesome job working with such an underrated concept as age regretion and status demotion.

    Keep up the awesome work, Rex! :D

    1. Thank you! I wish there were more stories/caps along these lines, with is a big reason why I like to make them. The more I make, the more there are!

  2. Love it - hoist by her own petard (or, this, pleated schoolgirls skirt)!.

    Ticks a lot of boxes for me - greed, panic and fear leading to some... less than optimal choices. Throw in some identity loss and being trapped in a situation out of her control, then finally strapped down for some well deserved corporal punishment.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Old one I know but I enjoyed the way her escape turned into her deserved trap.


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