Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Old TG Caps

Well, sorry for the long hiatus, I'm just so busy at the moment with work and all. I've got almost every picture I need to finish out the Prank War Series, so that should flow pretty quickly once I get a free moment or two to actually write down the captions. On the plus side, I'm getting a lot of practice using GIMP to alter images when I need to, and I'm actually starting to get halfway decent at morphing.

Anyway, I wish I had something brand new to post but I sadly do not. Hopefully I can get something thrown together tomorrow or Monday.

After some hesitation, I've decided to post a few of my old TG caps from my Yahoo Groups. Several years ago I made Transgender Captions under the name Aesop.

Fair warning, most of these are very small. I was posting these around 2002-05, and Yahoo groups had a pretty small limit on space, so caps were usually less than a 150kb or so. Which looked fine on computers then, but look very tiny on modern screens. Probably look decent on an smartphone though.

Most of these feature some form of surgery or forced feminization/crossdressing. They are all pretty basic, to the point caps. I wasn't nearly as dark and brooding back then as I am now. :-)


More Caps after the break. I hope all of these make up for the lack of blog updates the past week.

 These are mostly just standalone caps...

Island Warrior

Playing With Dolls

The Appointment

The Wannabe Lesbian
The Mule Part 1
The Mule Part 2

And this is one of my old series, featuring hypnosis and revenge. I only ever made a few series, and this was easily the best received. I hope you all enjoy it as well....

The Shrink Part 1

The Shrink Part 2

The Shrink Part 3

The Shrink Part 4

The Shrink Part 5

The Shrink Part 6

The Shrink Part 7

The Shrink Part 8

The Shrink Part 9

The Shrink Part 10
The Shrink Part 11
The Shrink Part 12
The Shrink Part 13


  1. They're not SO small :)

    Some of these are fun! If you want more detailed and worthwhile comments, you might consider posting less than 20 at a time :)



    PS... Love the coconuts :)

  2. I remember some of these, this takes me back.

  3. Great captions particularly liked the first one just loved the theme, nothing like truly being stuck in your outfit especially in such a vulnerable position, would love to see some more of your tg captions :)


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