Monday, August 13, 2012

The House Mother

Part 1

Part 2
The next installment in the Prank War! Things are getting more and more personal!

The EZ's are getting their revenge, again, this time by kidnapping the GEK Sorority House Mother, and making an example of her!

I loved the facial expression on the blonde in the first Picture, and had to find a use for her. Hope you all enjoy this series, I've got several more caps to do, then there will be a huge Finale! Hopefully everyone will like the Finale, I've got a lot planned!


  1. Steamy series gets even steamier :) You're right about her expression... it's a "must cap" :)

    Great stuff!


  2. She seems so angry. All they want is provide to her the joys of motherhood. Not to mention huge, lactating breasts.

  3. I hope we get to see the fruits of this labor haha

  4. A wicked extra detail, that she didn't even get the dignity of being raped, just having semen dribbled into her gaping vagina.

    I always did think that the impregnation-by-proxy scene was the *real* ultimate horror of "Pink Flamingos".

  5. wish this had happened in the Anna Faris film The House Bunny;)


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